At the Northeast Cat & Dog Hospital, we are proud of the personal approach and overall quality of our services. Our experienced doctors, technicians, and trained staff will give your pet personalized, caring attention in connection with excellence in diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical techniques. We provide pet wellness examinations geared at all phases of your pet’s life, from new puppy and kitten programs, to the special needs of our geriatric patients.  Our whole-life care philosophy reflects our belief in the importance of the bond between our clients, their pets, and our entire hospital staff.

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Karyl Ropko
  • Dr. Beth Hoover

Visiting the Hospital

The reception area is always the first stop, with a quick check in before your visit.  Here you can browse the pet product display area for dental care items, vitamin supplements, shampoos, grooming supplies,  and the lastest in interactive pet toys.

We always strive to see our patients in a timely manner, but if you are kept waiting, we will keep you as comfortable as possible—with interesting magazines, informational brochures, fresh coffee, and of course the pets themselves.


Every pet seen during the doctor’s appointment hours will receive a comprehensive physical examination.  We are committed to  whole-life health care, stressing pet wellness programs for puppies and kittens as well as our geriatric patients.

Nutritional counseling is a very important part of preventative health care for our pets, and plays a vital role in managing many disease processes.  We use and recommend Iams/Eukanuba, Hills/Science Diet, and Royal Canin diets and have partnered with them in an attempt to further educate our clients about the importance of nutrition in the overall health care of their pets.


We have a full pharmacy for in-hospital use and dispensing for continued home care. As strong believers of preventative health care, we educate our clients on the benefits of heartworm testing and prevention, prescription flea control, as well as the use of specific nutritional supplements for their pet’s best health advantage.


Diagnostic laboratory equipment enables our veterinary technicians to perform a variety of in-house testing. CBC’s, blood chemistry profiles, urinalysis, heartworm testing, feline leukemia/aids testing, fecal analysis, and fungal cultures are among the tests performed routinely in our facility. Not only is accurate, in-hospital laboratory work essential for the doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat pets in a timely manner, but also plays an important role in preventative health care. Pre-anesthetic blood testing is always recommended for pets of any age before procedures to help ensure that there are no hidden metabolic problems that may cause trouble during anesthesia, and is required for pets over 8 years of age.


Our in-hospital xray capabilities provide diagnostic radiographs for all our patients big and small.  The ability to perform routine xray procedures as well as special contrast studies and dental radiographic techniques enable our doctors to diagnose many specific medical problems, and help to formulate sound treatment protocols.


Sterile surgical techniques assure owners that the best is what we offer for their pets.  State of the art anesthesia protocols and the safest inhalation agents enable our doctors to perform a range of procedures from daily spays and neuters to sophisticated soft tissue surgeries on geriatric or debilitated pets.  Our qualified veterinary technicians provide constant anesthetic/patient monitoring during all surgical procedures.  A separate surgical suite is essential to maintaining sterility, however a large observation window allows our staff, and sometimes our clients, to see our surgeons at work.