Healthy animals mean healthy 1 300x200 - 3 Tips on How to Spot a Healthy Pet

Healthy animals mean healthy people and a healthy environment to live in.

Cats and dogs are the animals that people most commonly petted. How can you make sure that you are raising a healthy pet cat or dog?

How would you know if you are adopting an animal in its perfect condition that won’t make you risk your own health?

Here some tips on how you can spot a healthy pet.

Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes 300x200 - 3 Tips on How to Spot a Healthy Pet

A healthy dog or cat has to be physically fit. Check on the physical attributes. If you see that eyes are clear and bright and the nose does not clog, then these are good signs. Check ears as well. They should be clean without discharge.

The body itself should be clean, shiny and free from wounds that don’t heal. The mouth should be fresh and clean with teeth that are white.


Attitude 300x200 - 3 Tips on How to Spot a Healthy Pet

If you are adopting puppies and kittens, observe how energetic they are. These little creatures are usually active and playful. They want you to play with them and touch them. They should look happy and cheerful.

They want a lot of cuddles and snuggle and play. You and your pet’s vibes will surely get twisted and you would definitely have a lot of fun with each other.

Daily Routines

Daily Routines 300x169 - 3 Tips on How to Spot a Healthy Pet

Another sign of healthy animal condition can be based on how they carry out their usual activities like eating, drinking, and regular waste discharge. Note that this is a routine and an important thing to observe.

Signs that they are healthy are on how they do these things properly and constantly. Any disturbance on these activities will affect other things they do. It will make them troubled, anxious and uneasy.  And as your pet is affected, so are you.

Having a pet is a responsibility.  It means taking with you another member of the family. It means a part of you is about to be given to something else. It means a commitment. And the more you get attached to this part of you, the more you will take accountability to guarantee that they are healthy, safe and happy.

I hope this helps you find a healthy buddy.  Always remember that a healthy pet means a healthy you and a healthy environment you both share.