This list will give you an overview of what veterinarians do in execution of their role in this community. This generally talks about the importance of having these professionals as a part of the setting we live in.


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One of the many duties of a veterinarian is to protect. He protects not only animals but also people. Yes, a veterinarian protects both animals and humankind. He makes sure that it is safe for both to mingle and get along with each other. In an environment where men and animals co-exist, protecting one another is significant.

One way to show true love and care is to protect. A really dedicated veterinarian knows how to look after these babies and protect them from any harm, damage and mischief around. He needs to be sure that everything is all right and that everyone is safe.


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A veterinarian controls illness and animal disease. He confirms that the environment is susceptible to safe living. There can be a lot of viruses and bacteria scattered all over and he makes it certain that anything that may be dangerous is taken away. It is not easy to be in control but our truly loving veterinarians do their best to safeguard our beloved animals.


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Another duty that a veterinarian does is to give advice. He knows best of what is best for our pets. He never stops to give us relevant and necessary information on how we can take good care of them.

He is always there to listen and understand us as pet owners. May it be joy or struggle, or good or bad, he is there to assist.


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To cure diseases is the most challenging among all the veterinarian’s duties and responsibilities. It is with how they will deal with this that defines how good they are as veterinarians.

It is in their hands that our animals will be saved from acquired infections or diseases which are inherited. More than they love and care for the animals, it is about their special abilities and skills to treat sickness.


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Maintenance is essential. It is necessary that after these animals are cured, good health condition is maintained. And guess what? Our veterinarians are responsible for it. They check our pets on a regular basis to make sure they are at their best. Good health is upkeep when we have good veterinarians around.

These are just five duties a veterinarian is entwined with. These duties are part of their vows as animal doctors and protectors. These are the works that they live, something they perform every single day.

Being a veterinarian is not easy. It is the same as being a teacher to his students or a father to his kids. It takes love, care, empathy, compassion and a lot of patience yet the fulfilment they get is priceless.

It is not just about the money they get but more on the fulfilment of their passion and dedication to their work, to their duties and responsibilities as ambassadors of animal welfare and protection.

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