Dog cat 300x200 - The Important Role of Animal Clinics and Shelters

Do you love dogs and cats too? Do you own one? I know people that truly love them. The veterinarians live to love animals. To care for dogs and cats is innate to them. They are the ones who administrate cats and dogs hospitals. Yes, that place is their second home. A home where love between man and animals fosters.

Home is one big word for all living things. A home is a place you can call your own. Home is where we live. Like humans, animals need a home. It is important that they have a habitat where they can dwell and settle.

One day I went for a visit to a shelter for animals. There are lots of cats and dogs all over. They seem to be all happy. Why? They are home. They are home with the ones who truly care for them- the veterinarians.

One of the most interesting professions is being a veterinarian or an animal doctor. I have always admired them in their white suits while all enthralled checking on a dog or a cat. How beautiful it is! Being a veterinarian as to how they look is something that is made of 50% passion and 50% love for animals.

When you say cats and dogs clinic, it does not mean a place for sick animals alone. It is more than that. A cat and dogs hospital is more of an animal shelter—a home. In there, they are being pampered and given identity.

They have those tags around their necks where their names were engraved. They are all so cute. They play along with other animals of their kind. It was fun watching these dogs and cats about everywhere. They seem to really like the place that transcended the meaning of dogs and cats hospital to an animal home.  It is a home where they are loved taken care of.

Indeed, there is no place like home. No one can ever truly care more than a truly committed animal doctor.

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